One Agency Profile

Belinda Andersen

Belinda Andersen, a seasoned professional with extensive property sales experience, is driven by the power of human connection in her real estate career. Her genuine care and kind nature, coupled with an effervescent personality and an unwavering work ethic, make her a beloved agent who strives to provide her clients with an open, transparent, and seamless selling experience.

Having always enjoyed meeting new people, Belinda has built her entire career on personalized customer service. Prior to entering the real estate industry, she successfully owned and managed a hospitality business in the Hastings Region for a decade, demonstrating her dedication to hard work and exceptional service.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of Belinda's success, and she believes it begins with attentive listening. She recognizes the value of human connection and understands the significance of personalized attention when guiding clients through the intricate process of selling and buying properties. Witnessing her clients achieve their property dreams and knowing that she played a role in their success brings her immense satisfaction and fulfillment.

Belinda's strong ties in her professional work extend to the local community. Actively involved in various events, she is a familiar face at local gatherings and generously contributes her time and expertise to Nippers carnivals, Junior Touch Football, and the North Coast Women's Rugby League Premiership Committee as a volunteer.

Despite her accomplishments, Belinda remains down to earth, honest, and always eager to lend a helping hand. She values her membership in the friendly team at One Agency and cherishes the unwavering support of her incredible husband Trevor, her two beautiful daughters Stevie and Coopa, and her adorable son Huxon.