One Agency Profile

Andrew Hedley

With over a decade under his belt as a selling agent and real estate principal, Andrew has some strong beliefs around how real estate should be marketed and sold. Having sold little units, quirky homes, luxury lifestyle properties and golf courses to international investors, he brings creativity and flare to ensure every sale is unique and tailored to the target market.

So what are these strong beliefs around selling real estate? Well according to him “it’s not rocket science, but so many cut corners and get it wrong”. According to Andrew, it all comes down to three simple things; property presentation, desirable marketing and accurate pricing. If you get these things right properties sell in a short timeframe for a premium result. It is important to add a few extra ingredients such as; tireless buyer work and rapport building, negotiation experience and going above and beyond wherever possible. According to Andrew it is the simple little extras that can go a long way.