Getting A Jump On The Spring Market

The spring market a hot topic right now with homeowners who are thinking about selling.

Listing your property in the spring market is the traditional approach due to the fact that the weather is starting to get better. Gardens can normally be made to look their best and all in all I think our properties are generally enhanced by the season.

There is another theory, and that is  about getting a jump on the competition. Think of it this way, if there are less properties on the market then there are less on the buyers’ list to choose from, therefore you could be in a slightly better control position as a seller by getting a head start now.

If you were to wait until spring yes, it’s a traditional time to sell and buy, however with more properties on the market, there is more choice around and therefore you’re potentially not in as good a spot to drive a sale.

You will need to allocate time to moving or processing the inventory list for sale, for donation, and for rubbish.

To help you get organised on that pre-spring presentation, you can download our free resource, De-cluttering and Makeover Hours Allocation, which can help you allocate your processes or 'doing' time. You will need to allocate time to moving or processing the inventory list for sale, for donation, and for rubbish.

The contents of the furniture require the same processing, so you will need to have allocated time to call up the various recipients of donations, or the waste/recycling service providers to discuss and organise, manage and finally to make it happen.

The same format of the list can be used to allocate the amount of time required to your project by each area of the home. You can then transfer this information to your diary and call up your willing helpers to book them in!

To find out more, go to If you need a helping hand, we can assist you by coming up with value add ideas and running the project for your home.


Belinda Woolrych-GrundyBelinda Woolrych is an Author, Speaker, and the Founder of Papillon Styling & Renovations. She published her first book, Rightsize Your Home: The Empty Nester's Guide for a Stress-Free Downsize, in 2014. Currently, Belinda runs the franchise operations of Papillon Styling & Renovations.

You can contact Belinda on T:1300 870 272 or via email here.


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